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Savvy Duck's Services

The following is a more detailed description of the many services that I can provide. I provide most of my services on location, but I offer three options for support:

On-Site Consulting

Usually the most convenient option, I will perform repairs, upgrades, or other
services at your
home or
Drop-Off Service

My office is available
if you would rather
drop off your
computer to be
repaired as you go
about your day.
Online Support

If the other options are not possible or
convenient, remote
support services
might be for you.
Free evaluation!

New Computers

I will work with you on a one-on-one basis to build a customized desktop system that best meets your needs at a very reasonable price. I believe you will find the quality and reliability of my desktop PCs to be excellent, and I never load up my computers with junk advertising software.

I will personally deliver your computer to you when it is complete, and at your option, set it up for you at no additional cost. If you are outside the Eugene/Springfield area, I will ship it to you for free instead. It will even come with a 6-month warranty. In short, if it fails within 6 months due to a manufacturing defect or a mistake on my part, I will repair it, replace it, or accept a return at no cost to you.

Used Computers

Savvy Duck often recieves used desktop and laptop computer systems that are rebuilt, cleaned, tested, and then offered to you at an affordable price.

These systems include free delivery and in-home setup to customers in the Eugene-Springfield area, and free shipping anywhere in the continental US. It will even come with the same 6-month warranty that new computers come with. In short, if it fails within 6 months due to a manufacturing defect or a mistake on my part, I will repair it, replace it, or accept a return at no cost to you.

Computer Maintenance and Repair

I will come to your business or residence and work with you to resolve whatever problems you might have with your Mac or PC.

I have years of experience in resolving software, hardware, or networking issues, and I will not leave until the work is complete to your satisfaction. And in most cases, if I leave and the problem comes back, I will return and fix it again for free.

Also see my in-home tune up special!

Damaged Laptop Repair

I have the skills and tools necessary to disassemble and repair almost any laptop or netbook.

Laptops are damaged easily, but don't overpay to get it repaired or send it away for weeks on end. The laptop repair services include cracked screen repair, dust removal, excessive heat troubleshooting, loose power connector replacement, and much much more.

Hardware Upgrades

Are you trying to run fancy new software on an older computer? Maybe you'd like to keep up with the requirements of the latest video game, or perhaps you just want your machine to last you a couple more years. I would be happy to help!

I can evaluate your needs, come to your location, and install new parts that will make your computer run better than ever. This can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new machine. A faster hard drive, more RAM, even a new processor, it's all the same to me.

System Set-Up

Do you have a new computer, printer, or network device and you're having trouble putting it all together?

Sometimes, setting up new technology can be a surprisingly daunting challenge. I am up to that challenge, and I will come to you at your convenience and help you get everything connected, test it out, and make sure it's running to your satisfaction.

Data Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted an important file or lost it due to an error, I will use the latest data recovery techniques to attempt a retrieval. In many cases, I can even recover files from a formatted drive! And unlike many other data recovery services where you need to mail your drive away and wait a few weeks, I will do it right in your own home.

If you have lost essential files that you need to get back, it is critically important that you turn off your computer and do not use it! Whether you use my service or someone else, leaving the affected drive unused will greatly increase the chances of retrieval. The more the computer is used, the less likely it is that the needed file can be recovered.

Network Installation, Repair, and Upgrades

Does your home or office network not quite meet your needs? Or perhaps you would like to add wireless capabilities to your existing wireless network. Whatever your networking needs are, I will come to your location and make sure you have the equipment and configuration you need to keep your connections running smoothly and consistently. I will even get my hands dirty and repair your damaged cables and reposition your network equipment if necessary.

Personal Training

Do you have all sorts of fancy new equipment and need to know how to use it? What about that complex piece of software you can't figure out? Do you just need to know how to e-mail pictures to your relatives?

I can come to your residence and help you learn anything you need in a patient and respectful manner, and I won't leave until you are confident you can make it work on your own.

Macintosh Support and Repair

Macs are very user-friendly computers, but the tradeoff is that they can also be very difficult to repair when things go wrong. I am proud to offer my maintenance and repair services to users of Macintosh computers in the Eugene-Springfield area.

Whether you are having trouble with error messages, damaged screens, or want advanced hardware or software set-up, I am here to help you.

Linux Support

Do you want to break away from Microsoft's stranglehold over the PC market? Or perhaps you want to troubleshoot and repair a device that comes with linux preinstalled. Local linux support can be very hard to find, which is why I'm making my expertise available to the general public.

Whether you are having trouble installing a driver, running software upgrades, or want a brand-new fully-functional linux computer, I can help you out.

Website Design and Developmnent

Savvy Duck, along with Base Conversion LLC, is proud to offer website design, development, and hosting services for your business needs.

From beginning to end, we can take care of all of your website needs, from basic planning to technology solutions to e-commerce integration and more. We can even design your logo!

Other Services

I can provide a wide variety of other services not listed here, from electronics installation to video production and more. For details on what I can do for you, contact me.

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