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This lists a few of the side projects that I have been working on, whether they are a part of, alongside, or completely separate from Savvy Duck Computers. Some of these articles are posted with the permission of others I worked with on the particular project, and links to their websites are provided where that applies.

Phone System VoIP Conversion

Internet-based VoIP phone lines are becoming a more and more popular solution to business phone systems, but buying a new phone routing system capable with the VoIP services required can be prohibitively costly. Fortunately, it is often possible to upgrade an existing system to make it compatible with the internet protocals. This article details one such conversion and discusses the pros and cons of this solution.

Interior Design Detective

Interior Design Detective is a website that I have been developing in collaboration with KJL Interior Design, a business local to the Eugene/Springfield area. It is dedicated to providing articles and ideas about all aspects and principles of interior design, and the process of designing, building, and popularizing the website has become a learning experience for all involved.

The Phone Finder

The Phone Finder is a PHP web script designed to track devices that locate themselves via GPS (including most advanced phones). It is designed for use with the Device Locator and Cerebro apps for iPhone, but in theory, an app on any sort of mobile device that can use an http request to send its location to a server will function with the Phone Finder.

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