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SYBA SY-AUD23018 Bluetooth Bicycle Speakers

Cyclists, do you like listening to music while you ride? Are you frequently interrupted by phone calls? Headsets and earpieces can block the sounds of surrunding traffic, posing a danger to you or others as you ride. The SYBA SY-AUD23018 Bluetooth Bicycle Speakers may be the solution you need, but how well does it work? Read on.


The SYBA SY-AUD23018 Bicycle Bluetooth Speakers admittedly will not win any beauty contests. Not only is it a fairly fugly shade of orange, but its shape is awkward and sits high above your handlebars, assuming that is where you mount it. It supposedly comes in other colors, but I have only seen the orange model for sale. Its lights are a little awkward as well, shining through the plastic as well as the softer grey button pad. However, if you think that you can get over these faults, I highly recommend reading on.


The listed features of the SYBA SY-AUD23018 are plentiful, and in theory, more than adequate for the cyclist on the go:


The light emitted by this device isn't the brightest I've seen, but it is actually surprisingly bright for the single point of emission, and will do nicely for casual evening rides.


While the sound in such a small speaker set will rarely win any prizes, the SYBA SY-AUD23018 does surprisingly well for its size. The sound quality is quite adequate, especially considering that most people will listen to it over the noise of traffic. The volume does not get loud enough to blast you out, but it can be heard over any background noise short of heavy freeway traffic and trains.


The device's bluetooth works beautifully in tests with an iPhone and an Android smartphone. It readily connects to the devices with no hassle, and reconnects quickly when turned on a second time. The grey control pad is easy to use, with the caveat that sometimes the proper key is hard to hit for someone with large fingers. The quality of phone calls is more than adequate on both sides of the call, and a single tap in the center of the control pad is all that is needed to answer a call.


I was highly impressed with the battery's function on the SYBA SY-AUD23018. The first time I used it, I only had time to charge it for a half hour before taking it out, and that brief charge allowed me to listen to music for hours. No specific claims are made about its battery life, but in my experience, a full charge will allow you to listen to music over bluetooth for at least six hours. And being able to charge it from a USB cord is super convenient!


Despite it's unwieldly appearance and odd color, I must say that I highly recommend the SYBA SY-AUD23018 Bicycle Bluetooth Speakers, especially for bike commuters. Being able to play music without the danger of headphones and to take calls without stopping to dig around in my pockets has just been a fantastic experience, and the ease-of-use of this device has just been exceptional. Two thumbs up!

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